What We Are

​At Current Pumps, we are committed to implementing affordable technology tailored specifically to the needs of subsistence farmers in water-scarce countries. The challenging water needs faced by so many farmers around the world are not without answers. Our water powered water pump addresses the problem of reliable access to water agricultural production. For farmers located near rivers with no efficient means of using the water so close to them, a Current Pump is the answer. The increase in reliability not only improves the crop yield of our targeted farmers, it also improves the food security and overall well being of farmers and their families.

Who We Are

Dirk-01Dirk Long: Dirk likes to fix things and solve problems. Dirk is an engineer. After a water well drilling trip to Niger in west Africa, he began looking for ways to engage with needs in the developing world. With his MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, Dirk has put his education and his interests to practice by helping to develop the Current Pump to fix one of the world’s biggest problems: reliably accessing water.

Luke-01Luke Waggoner: Luke likes to find resolution. He likes engaging conflict to develop a solution. This disposition led him to pursue and attain his MA in International Development from the University of Denver. For Luke, promoting Current Pumps as an answer to meeting the acute water needs of people around the world just makes sense.

Matt-01Matt Clement: Matt is an engineer turned businessman, marketer, and non-profit entrepreneur. It all started with a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. After two years in construction management and two years working for a non profit in Argentina, Matt returned home to get his MBA in Marketing from the University of Colorado Denver. Matt has a profound desire to help people and solve problems.  His hope is that Current Pumps can run as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to deliver the lowest price product to the end user in the Niger Delta.

Why We Are

After meeting in Colorado, the Current Pumps team quickly discovered that their desires to help people fit well together. Though they had varying backgrounds, they shared a single desire: to serve others. This shared commitment coupled with their shared faith made the launching of Current Pumps a natural and exciting endeavor.  There is no shortage of needs in the world, but there is a shortage of access to the basic resources that give people the opportunity to develop holistically. We are committed to helping people around the world find reliable access to the world’s greatest, most necessary resource: water.