At Current Pumps, we do not want to reinvent the wheel, completely. The technology we are using to develop the Current Pump is not new. Using the energy of moving water to perform work has been a reliable method for reducing labor for thousands of years. Our pump design builds on concepts pioneered by Archimedes in ancient GreeceĀ  and further refined in the 18th century by H.A. Wirtz in Switzerland. This design uses the constant current of water in a river or stream to drive a pump that can irrigate fields and provide water to communities that currently rely on carrying water by hand or animal cart enabling a multiplicative increase for their farming and water needs. Given the realities of the populations we intend to serve, we are committed to limiting the energy used to access water while not compromising the integrity of our product.

5c6bcd_98f7612cc23e911fffe7e63b1b5fd999Technical Specs*; Output: 4 L/minute; Pumping Head: 10 meters. *measured in river with flow of 1.0 m/s

Results: More than enough water for 1000 sq. meters of drip irrigated vegetables in semi-arid climates; Source: ideorg.org